AI Can Be Color Blind; That’s a Compliment in Job Recruiting

The days of sorting the perfect person for the job through a computer database is reaching its twilight years. These days, recruiting is bound to be more efficient, time-saving, accurate and even color blind with artificial intelligence or AI.

Investing in AI recruiting can go a long way now, as an piece revealed. An AI recruiting tool can, for instance, offer a common reference point for a recruiting lead and the hiring manager, avoiding miscommunication in the process, before a call is even made in their search for the right candidate.

With AI also providing more insight about each candidate, time can be spent more effectively on candidate engagement, which could help talent acquisition professionals make better use of their time, other than having them scroll through resumes.

For the different type of recruiters nowadays, here are just a few benefits of using AI:

  • Interview better-fit candidates and, on average, fill their job openings faster. Even if they never interact directly with any AI recruiting technology, hiring managers benefit from it
  • Source full pipelines of qualified people much faster, so they can spend more of their time engaging, encouraging, and advancing great candidates rather than scrolling through endless lists of resumes, or clicking through tedious workflows
  • Coach employees based on real data regarding skills, career progressions, and opportunities. Internal mobility is enabled in a fundamentally new way.
  • The technology enables companies to communicate faster and more usefully with candidates who can also match themselves better, not just with jobs but even with recruiters.
  • Even better, minority professionals can benefit from a technology that removes unconscious bias. AI can be color blind, and that’s a compliment.

A company needs AI recruiting now more than ever, as many talents are willing to travel great distances to find their ideal job. Without the technology, it’s a given that foreign talents feel more welcome in Northern California, as California Corporate Housing has noticed from roster of its guests in its serviced apartments.

The time element is a big factor in AI recruiting. It offers good value if a recruiter takes fewer days to decide on a prospect before setting up an interview. Companies with AI recruiting are simply able to move faster to hire, and their competitors that lack this technology will be left behind in the war for talent.

Saving time helps a company save money. Since an AI recruiter will achieve benefits and savings of multiple times its cost, sooner is always better. Hiring at scale also helps tremendously, as AI works on massive torrents of data faster than humans.

AI is still relatively new and in many cases, some talents may not be in the field yet but show potential for it. In a NY Times piece, an analyst at Barclays turned out to be an ideal candidate for a data scientist position, even if the candidate has not stated this position in his Linkedin profile. It was enough that he had done graduate work in physics at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The idea, it seems, is not to focus on job titles, as people tend to do but “what skills they have, those who have not done it, but can do it.”