From Corporate Housing Units to Cars to Talents, It’s a Vetting World


From corporate housing units and hiring of talents to cars and soon, vice presidential candidates, it’s a vetting world.

Global mobility professionals do it to ensure companies get the most qualified assignee who can make the best contribution. If you’re one, you take the time, effort, and energy to screen dozens of candidates, going through resumes, conducting interviews, traveling to out-of-the-way places to find that one ‘perfect’ candidate who can make a difference in your office. You don’t compromise your standards no matter how frustrating it can often get.

But the search for quality does not stop with human resources.  Vetting is fast becoming a practice when it comes to the selection of choice products that enhance our lifestyle. Industries themselves are vetting their own goods and doing quality control to make sure that their customers get nothing but the top-of-the-line. This also holds true especially when other third-party providers are concerned.

California Corporate Housing vets every physical home, piece of furniture inside it, each appliance, and every bars of soap. It is privy to many apartment communities in any given city, as well as the furnishings/housewares to put in it, and has a long and considerable checklist that ensures that the highest standards are maintained. Proximity to public transportation, grocery stores, and well-regarded schools are a factor. Newness is another. Then come the state-of-the-design features and first-class amenities that should make global leaders and hard-driven executives and their families feel like they are enjoying the fruits of their labor.  Check out this example of a vetted Northern Californian unit.

Beepi does its own vetting for pre-owned or second-hand cars that their soon-to-be-former owners want to sell. Its online platform does a service for both owner and customer by offering tested cars that can match the client’s preferences like model, color, and facilities. The online store also beats a personal visit to the used-car assembly-line-like shop any time. To ensure that its member-customers do get their money’s worth, Beepi does not accept just any car offered it, but conducts a strict vetting process that looks at a dozen factors that prospective car buyers hold important. It checks engine quality, amount of rust on the surface, strength of tires and wheels, recently added functionalities, and other aspects that should guarantee service and quality despite the extensive usage.

This 240-point Beepi certification process is done by qualified drivers and car experts who do a peer-to-peer vetting on the pre-owned vehicles. They test-drive these cars during preparation and while on the road, they look at all 240 points that monitor mileage, gas usage, speed, comfort, brake adaptability, and other parts of the car that have to be scrutinized for efficiency and tested for usability. A certification means that the pre-owned car has been approved as quality and can be placed on the online platform for sale.

From corporate housing to cars, vetting is one way of guaranteeing that you get the best possible bang for your buck.