Intel's Project Alloy

Game-changing Gadgets for Business Travelers, Relocating Pros

You’ve heard that famous slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” You can make an exception with the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES 2017) that finished with a bang in Las Vegas recently. We’re quoting The Belfast Telegraph, one among the thousands of global media outlets that reported many of the innovative products at the trade show.

While Microsoft, Apple, Google, and the other geniuses in Silicon Valley were represented in the event, the exhibitors and participants also consisted of small-medium businesses, investors, tech buffs, business executives, and media professionals.

And while it is tempting to purchase a couple of these gadgets simply for their novelty, some of them appeared ready for prime time, even for global mobility specialists, business travelers, corporate housing providers and talents relocating for work. Issues in work efficiency, documentation, travel convenience, and other factors were addressed by some of the devices mentioned below:

The Hover Camera Passport takes selfie-taking to a whole new level. Ditto with documentation and photography. This drone literally flies through the air and, using cutting-edge facial recognition software, follows its user around to take photos of him and the activity and presumably people he is involved with at that moment. This paperback-sized drone selfie flies at 17 miles per hour, but can be “caught” or grabbed by its user mid-air at any given time.

While it is easy to think of selfie drones careening through the air and snapping videos of its happy user frolicking on the beach, the gadget can be an important tool in business travel or networking conferences. You would eliminate wasting precious minutes just to stop a conversation midway to take an important selfie pic with a VIP. On a larger scale, the Hover Camera Passport can take stock of the user’s environment while he is doing business; it can easily shoot videos of industry leaders making speeches in an event  or the many faces of potential partners crowding around cocktail tables.

The Data Traveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte may look like another leaner, meaner flash drive but it can be more accurately described as a vast storage device that you can easily hook to your key chain. Its capacity is immense, for something that looks so small and portable. This 2-B terabyte drive can hold up to more than 700,000 photos, more than half a million songs, and almost 2,000 full-length movies. Data and images can easily be transferred from one laptop to another. Professionals who stock up tons of information while flying from one city to another will find it a very useful tool in their workplace.

Another boundary-breaking device introduced in CES 2017, which global mobility specialists can use to educate themselves as well as entertain, is Intel’s Project Alloy, or their latest version of Virtual Reality. What makes Alloy distinct is that it removes all those wires that keep the headset glued to a tracking device. The user can move without encumbrance as all sensory equipment is stored inside the headset.

Another fascinating feature of Project Alloy is that it can scan and convert the images in your real-life environment and make them part of your simulated world. That means it takes note of the armchair in the living room and the table at the corner and incorporates their refashioned versions into the artificial reality. The first advantage is obvious: unlike most other VR’s, the user won’t be subject to bumping into all this furniture in his real-life world. The second one, however, while not as obvious, is more relevant to the global mobility specialist Tailor this VR’s program to the next apartment the assignee will live in, or simulate the city neighborhood that he will visit next week. What results is an exciting walk-through that can prepare the assignee for his  latest assignment.

California Corporate Housing has pioneered the inclusion of smart gadgets in the modern home of the hard working professional. Amazon Echo and Virtual Reality are just some of the attractive amenities present in its Northern California units. Within a few months, expect more innovations in the mold of CES 2017 to make the home and the workplace of the assignee a more comfortable, tech-friendly sanctuary.