Los Gatos, CA: Families Find it a Great — and Safe — Place to Live In

Los Gatos is famous mainly because it’s located in Santa Clara County, Northern California, the cradle of many tech companies. Its residents have seen the birth of giants, taking quiet pride as Netflix and Barracuda produced one groundbreaking product wonder after another. But the other secret, yet equally important, jewel that Los Gatos has that keeps drawing on relocators is its very family-friendly atmosphere. Other cities may boast of the bells and whistles and rising towers. Long-time residents of Los Gatos, though, find more priceless the peace of mind and security they feel while their kids are with the prestigious Los Gatos School District or chilling out with their buddies.

Parents raising children in Northern California find that there’s something wonderful and new to experience every weekend. Some of the attractions are amusement parks with their trademark thrills, museums that open young minds to the world, and pristine beaches where they can enjoy a swim to the sight of a glorious sunset. Los Gatos reinforces this sense of community by encouraging families to attend activities like Halloween festivals or musical concerts at the park.

The Los Gatos Farmers Market sets food shopping — and dining — outdoors, and there is something refreshing about biting down on an apple or picking your favorite fruits while listening to birds chirping on trees. If your family is health-conscious and sports-loving, then a trip down the 10-mile Los Gatos Creek Trail might be a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. The family that takes walks or rides bikes together will be happy being together.

Most important of all, Los Gatos has a low crime rate. Its local government also invests in its schools, seeing to it that the children receive the best possible education.
Compared to other cities, Los Gatos’ pace is slow, but it is of the rare kind. In this corner of Santa Clara, people can enjoy the fresh breeze, a picnic in the park, and an unhurried conversation with others that can lead to a friendship. Every minute can be savored, away from the demands of ringing smartphones and emails on perpetual notify. There is a tranquility and privacy that your family just might find priceless.