Neighborhood Tips That Will Make New Assignees Feel at Home

Getting the assignee comfortably settled in his new accommodations in his new country (if relocating from abroad) or city (if relocating domestically) of work is half the battle won for the global mobility specialist, who must also see to it that he works productively and harmoniously with the rest of the team.

Despite the excitement and thrill of adventure he might feel about living in a new city, the assignee will still feel the stress of adjusting to his new environment. His fresh digs are his haven and relaxing ground, where he can catch his breath after a hard day at work. If his new neighborhood still feels alien to him after a week, chances are his moods, quality of sleep, and performance will be affected.

Here are some ways for global mobility specialists to make relocation easier for their assignees:

Keep up with your assignees

A global mobility specialist  who offers reliable services for his day-to-day needs is paramount to his well-being. California Corporate Housing specializes in making the assignee feel even more at home by giving a  more personal touch to his accommodations. We can also help him out when it comes to handling and managing his beloved pets.

Create a timeline to stave off the chaos

The assignee might want to hit the ground running. He wants to do all things at the same time, from soaking up the corporate culture, hitting all the business events in town, enrolling in a nearby gym, finishing setting up the furnishing in his accommodations, all on the same weekend. The stress and frustration could get to him, and affect his work. What you can do is sit down with him and advise him to create a workable, realistic timeline vis a vis his workload.

Give him an attractive appraisal of his new neighborhood

Your assignee will want to reward himself during the weekend by taking in the breathtaking sights, indulging in some R&R near the coastline, and hanging out with his new friends in a new hot spot. While discovering them is part of his enjoyment, lend a special hand by shortening his tour time. Let him know the attractive amenities and how he can have a good time. Give him a list and he will thank you for it.

Give him the skinny on the logistics of commuting for work

Travel time is not the same in every city, let alone in every country. Your assignee’s commute time to his place of work cannot be neglected or left to chance because those early hours going to work can set his mood and disposition for the rest of the day. Do not assume your traditional travel platform is suitable for him. Walk him through each scenario: the various commute logistics that would require separate rides in a train or the routes he should take if he’s driving a car.

Plot out how early he would leave home and how late he would come to it in the evening. Prepare him for traffic idiosyncracies like cabs that persist in making their way through crowds. Commuting will be a daily part of his life; he might as well make the most of it. In Silicon Valley, though, you may not need to worry about commuting if the company offers you a free ride every day.