Why These Northern California Attractions, Activities May Just Seal the Deal for Your Assignees

Northern California is one of the sunniest recruitment spots that attract local talents and skilled foreign nationals. While remaining a gateway to career advancement and a training ground for those who want to be experts in global innovation, each of the region’s many cities has something unique to offer for assignees who want to make a name for themselves, and do it with probably their spouses and families relocating with them.

For example, opportunities in the tech world continue to draw the best talents to Silicon Valley who work alongside the geniuses of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and other tech companies. Working in any of those companies would inevitably bump an assignee’s profile into the top of the list of any hiring manager.

Companies along the Bay also pay one of the highest salaries in the United States, and job security is cemented by the fact that San Francisco has the 9th highest employment rate in the country. On the other hand, the pristine beaches and state-of-the-art museums in San Jose, along with its the trademark hospitality and cheerfulness of its communities, make it an ideal place for assignees raising young children.

Assignees will always find something new to marvel at in northern California, but even long-time residents maintain  that they cannot get enough of the region. As Vacation Idea puts it, the region is not just a friendly destination that welcomes tourists with its breathtaking landscapes or thrilling amusement parks, it is a combination of activities, destination sites, and expressions of cultural heritage that make it one huge and unforgettable experience. It is safe to estimate that assignees who venture out of their homes every weekend will always find one delightful discovery in northern California during his service contract.

For those who like the feeling of being in both an urban city and within proximity of great outdoor activities at the same time, nothing comes close.

Vacation Idea gives a tip of the iceberg of the must-visit places that will never cease to bring a sense of awe, wonder, and excitement to the assignee out on exploration:  the glacier-shaped Yosemite National Park now filled with bursting waterfalls and forests that are older than many human civilizations; San Jose, which is a teeming lifestyle hub of show-stopping performance art houses, vibrant art galleries, and more than 200 restaurants; the Redwood National Parks, which consists of 139,000 acres of forests and fields that protect an ecosystem of animals and rare plants; and Napa Valley, the wine capital of northern California.

Other travelers would cite more destinations such as Sacramento, packed with museums that make us relive the early industrial era of the United States; San Francisco with its unforgettable skyline that looms over the infamous Alcatraz Island and the tourist draw that is Chinatown; and the quietly appealing Mendocino, a favorite weekend getaway for high-powered professionals and tourists who want a little more privacy.

But what makes living in northern California even more attractive is that it is always teeming with something new to experience, and enjoy. It’s as if the region doesn’t run out of age-old barely explored mountains or a still-pristine beach that has not seen many visitors. That’s just one side of the coin, as food enthusiasts, culture buffs, and shop owners seem to be opening up a new restaurant, gallery, or bazaar where they can show off their wares.

If you are one of the handful who think that you have sampled the best of what northern California can offer, guess again — and check out the following:

Wondrous waterfalls, some of which can become fun campsites. The Sacramento Bee brings six of them to our attention, and which are ideal to visit come spring time. These include the Canyon Creek Falls which has a two-mile travel time; the Knickerbocker Falls, which is reportedly the “most spectacular” in the state; the towering Feather Falls which no other fall can top when it comes to heights; and the thrilling sight of Alamere Falls falling from a 30-foot-high peak into a flowing beach.

Next, northern California can lure your assignees from these secluded corners into the more socialized events. One way to introduce foreign nationals into the heart of the region is through the bustling community fairs replete with farm exhibits, hog races, and wine testing. According to the Press Democrat, these homegrown events show the people at their most spontaneous moments and possibly at their most welcoming disposition.

(And Northern California’s history with and respect for diverse cultures and ethnic communities can make their welcome mat to strangers a bit friendlier than you would find in other states.)

Away from the usual museums and amusement centers, American grassroots still carries its own unique set of giddy charm. For example, the Napa County Fair that rolls around during July 4, Independence Day, treats visitors to barbecue fests, enamor them with arts and crafts exhibits, and give them a tour of antique tractors and other machinery that helped laid the foundation of the city. Then if Americana is synonymous with apple pie, the Gravenstein Apple Fair is possibly the best event to invite your assignee where he can immerse himself in the spirit of the quintessential American town. He can live a couple of days in an American farm, pick his fair share of the fruit, sample apple-y beverages, and learn how to bake American pie.

That personal touch, mixed with the entrepreneurial spirit, always pops up in northern California in stores and shops that offer unique, hard-to-find items. As one reporter from Kansas found out one weekend, there are pig farms that can show your assignee the nuances of livestock breeding and raising; spice shops that add a bit of flavor to their cuisine; and home-cooked, tasty burgers that can give the more well-known franchises a run for their money.

Northern California is a huge region consisting of several states that have a lot to offer. Encourage your assignee to take a trip to the out-of-the-way places every weekend (better yet, accompany him), and—away from the entertainment studios and tech hubs.