Why Northern California is the Best Place for Assignees

Global mobility specialists have come to regard Northern California as arguably the best place wherein assignees can root themselves and thrive. The spirit of innovation, family-friendly cities and towns, as well as an environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle is alive and well here. Dynamic career paths are forged with the comfort and security provided by communities.

Northern California is at the center of the action because it is the home of Silicon Valley, where giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon (to name a few) have a huge influence on the planet. According to CBRE, one of the largest international real estate services companies, the San Francisco Bay area in particular ranks as the number one tech hub in the country. Criteria is based on the number of college graduates as well as the concentration of tech jobs in the tech force; another factor is the rate of growth of these jobs.

Overall, the United States remains the number one destination choice of both domestic and foreign assignees because of its leadership in many industries. An assignee who wants to make his mark in the world knows that he can learn the latest skills and cutting-edge tools in this country.

But what sweetens the deal for many assignees is the diversity-friendly culture that Northern California has nurtured and protected. This was proven dramatically in the early part of the year when 97 tech companies filed an appeal against the recent presidential executive order that put a temporary restraint order on visitors and green card holders from some Middle East countries.

According to KTTC, 58 percent of engineers and other highly specialized professionals who work in the area trace their origins outside the United States. Assignees who felt that the new order might curtail their opportunities expressed gratitude for the strong support their employers showed them. As has been documented before, this should be hardly surprising as many of these leaders are either immigrants or been raised by them. The father of Google founder Sergey Brin was a refugee from Russia while Steve Jobs’ father came from Syria.

Other success stories outside the realm of tech are sources of inspiration to spur the assignee to excel. One example is the family-run Chino Family Farm in San Diego. A classic tale of the American dream, the Japanese-American Chino family left the internment camp after World War Two with their possessions and money gone; decades later, through hard work and a strong network of friends, they raised vegetables that are now being marketed throughout the country.

San Diego is itself the kind of suburb where assignee families would want to relocate. Children can play safely in the park, and hospitals, restaurants, and other recreation centers are within traveling distance. However, it is San Francisco which is named by Realtor as the Northern Californian city that has the most number of booming suburbs. The number of households rose by 25.6 percent from 2010-2017. Assignees with families will appreciate its highly-rated schools and affordable accommodations run by helpful managers. California Corporate Housing consults with global mobility specialists and the assignees themselves on how to make their new homes more suitable for their needs.

Finally, the long-time residents of Northern California do tend to make their foreign guests feel more welcome. The people live and breathe friendliness, and regardless of how they may think about one person, rudeness is frowned upon. Smiles are a trademark, and allegedly even the most harassed waiter will go the extra mile to give you a nice restaurant experience.

To assignees who feel a little homesick and is still adjusting in their new country of origin, the open-mindedness in Northern California can be a strong source of support. For that reason, as well as the others named above, global mobility specialists should place Northern California on the top of their assignee relocation list.