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Relocating Professionals Like Living the ‘Silicon Valley State of Mind’

For many years, the running joke in Silicon Valley was that tech professionals can make $100,000 a year but still could not find a place to live. In the land of FANG (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google), that’s not surprising. The median home price in Cupertino, for example, is $1.6 million — and the one you find for your assignees may not even be near anywhere idyllic for them. Of course, relocating professionals know the steep rents and expensive properties but people come here to live the Silicon Valley State of Mind, anyway. Besides, apartment searches is not as troublesome if one has California Corporate Housing to take care of the needs of the talents managed by global mobility specialists.

California Corporate Housing has been providing furnished apartments and, in some cases, rentals with tech gadgets and home automated devices that are popular with tech professionals in Silicon Valley. California Corporate Housing makes sure assignees feel at home right away, so assignees can focus on the job they’re supposed to do and not worry about the many challenges they face in Silicon Valley, a 75-mile strip of land with San Francisco from one end and San Jose on the other. Enormous yes, but also becoming more maddeningly expensive if you don’t know who to talk to about renting here.

Still, people like the lifestyle habits afforded by this strip, where being outdoors is part of living the life here. The weather here is nice for almost 12 months of the year. If coming from abroad, San Francisco’s diversity should make one feel at home.  Like New York, one can find one’s ethnic group here to ease the transition while also getting exposed to other cultures as well.

For work, Silicon Valley is the end of the yellow brick road for many aspiring professionals who want to make a huge leap in their career and impact the world at the same time. It has seen, birthed, and nurtured the growth of conglomerates like Google, which influence the lives of billions on this planet. Imagine that! This part of the world does not just welcome diversity and innovation, but stimulates and encourages it as well.

From its experience, California Corporate Housing has seen many assignees who relocate to Silicon Valley looking to capture the indomitable spirit of the tech minds here. Amazon Echo, and other IoT marvels greet them from the first minute they wake up to the last second when they plop down to bed, at least when they wake up from a California Corporate Housing unit.

Chances are these assignees will not be disappointed if they do make the transfer. Based on the stories and testimonials of long-term residents in the Valley, the United States’ premier catalyst for change inspires your inner child to bring out the crusader, genius, and successful entrepreneur in you.

Optimism is the undercurrent that fuels the Valley and brightens up the existence of its inhabitants, according to one tech worker. They move fast when ito comes to conceptualizing ideas for a product, funding a startup, and starting operations.

“It can be done!” is the lifelong mantra. Failure is not ignored but acknowledged as an all-too-real possibility. However, Valley residents sees failure not as a last judgment but a bootcamp where you learn tough lessons that bring you back stronger and wiser.

The phenomenal Steve Jobs is held as one real-life example. He was fired ignominiously from Apple, which he created; then years later, he was asked to return and launch the company to new heights with game-changing products like the iPhone and the IPad.

This optimism actually encourages Silicon Valley folks to share ideas and network with each other. There is none of the tight-fisted self-serving hoarding of information. Regardless of which company they work for, the techies and their leaders launch a lot of ideas because of collaboration. They critique and vet bad ideas, and encourage the development of good ones. They also help each other in opening doors. And more impressive is the way that experienced and more successful “old-timers” in the Valley do reach out to new founders and startups.

Denizens of the Valley do revolve their lives around the development of technology. They eat, drink, and live it. They jump at any whiff of change and explore any window that opens. Tech is the end-all and be-all of their lives. It is the tool by which they want to transform the future. In contrast, for example, startups and established enterprises in New York, along with their investors, see tech as an important field — but only out of many that keep the business world spinning on its axis.

While Silicon Valley techies are also known for their passion and a work ethic commitment that keeps them at their desks 24/7, the corporate culture in the region prioritizes work-life balance. The free lunches, billiard halls, and in-house gyms are just a few indicators. Silicon Valley workers do take time to spend the weekend with their families. They use their leaves to attend special events like birthday celebrations and kids’ graduations.

Sonia Whitfield, a Czezh immigrant who put up her own startup Our Happy Box in Silicon Valley, sums the Silicon Valley lifestyle, using her own experience:

“Many ask about the keys to successful relationships in Silicon Valley. In our experience, it is trust, respect, understanding, a positive outlook and balance. Allow the other person to be who they truly are, to fulfil their career dreams, or if one prefers to stay home with the children; that will work too. For us, having our careers satisfy us. Listen carefully to understand your spouse, respect them, and maintain a balance by keeping your work at work. Even though my husband is a savvy businessman, and we love to share our passions for business, we ensure that weekends are for family, play and fun. And remember, never judge a person by their suit, or flip flops for that matter.”