Global Mobility Pros: Other VIPs That Should Be On Your Speed Dial

Our first blog tackled the list of VIP’s that global mobility professionals like you should always have on their speed dial.  That list, while very important,  is not by all means comprehensive.  Now, in the second part of this article, we will look at the other professionals with whom you must build a relationship with.  Check out the following:

Security consultants:  Safety and security will be among the foremost concerns that your assignee will have on his mind, especially if he is relocating from another country.  Take his anxiety levels a notch higher if he is bringing his spouse and/or children with him. Also take into account that if your assignee is an executive, chances are he would be well-versed and well-read when it comes to things that threaten security, from street crime, terrorist attacks, to cyber breaches.

This is why security is the one issue you should never take for granted, regardless of how long you have spent in the area of his new home, or how formidable you think your IT department is.  A security consultant or two who specializes in certain areas would be handy, especially if your assignee starts asking very particular questions like:  “If my spouse and I are called to an emergency, to whom can we entrust our teenage daughter?  Are there gangs in the neighborhood where we live in, and how fast is police response time if we have to call in a threat?  What smart machines can I install in my condo that will alert me of intruder break-ins or fire alarms?  How can I find out if my LinkedIn profile is still secure, and how do I secure my profile from identity theft?”

At the very best, security consultants can recommend a security system that will address your assignee’s issues.  At the very least, their competent answers to his questions can save him – and yourself —  from an unnecessary headache.

Entertainment directors of hotels or resort/inn owners: There are assignees who like to live quietly, and there are some who prefer living large.  You’d need entertainment directors of jaw-dropping recreation establishments for the second category.  These assignees want to experience the fruit of all their hard work, want to give themselves a good reward after a couple of months’ bone-crushing pressure, and are not afraid to pay for it.  So don’t be afraid to give them a good time.  

Entertainment directors are a good resource to have, because they can provide your assignee a couple of unforgettable R&R experiences that would be levels higher than your usual staffer’s ways to de-stress.

For example, if you’re in the Northern California area, the more romantic souls who want to get away from it all, with their significant other in tow, will find the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur an ideal haven for intimate encounters with its infinity tubs and wood-burning fire hearths. And in case they want to feel a little more adventurous, whale-watching and hiking are just a stone’s throw away.  Meanwhile, history buffs can experience what it’s like to live and be treated like French royalty at the Chateau de Sureau, where they are literally attended to by chambermaids amidst rooms and hallways decorated with artwork from 19th century Paris.

Owners of relocation companies:  While we all want to prepare in advance for our assignee’s transfer, relocation company owners are good to have on your speed dial for last-minute moves or emergencies. Sudden disasters like flash floods and fires can prompt tenants to relocate.  The discovery of his child’s new medical condition like asthma can force an assignee to move to homes that are nearer to nature.  Or, in an extremely worst case scenario, the assignee simply does not like the property you had picked for him.  If you need to move —  and move at that moment, you can find no other best friend than the owner of a relocation company.