L-1 Visa Fee Increased by 200% for Company Transfers

This month, the fee for an L-1 visa has increased from $460 to $1,385, a 200% spike.  This non-immigrant visa allows multinational companies to transfer their key personnel from foreign offices to their US branches, subsidiaries, or affiliates, or even to establish new US operations.  This is essential for global mobility professionals to know when they start helping companies get the help they need from their own backyard.

With its two main categories—L1A for executives and managers, and L1B for employees with specialized knowledge—the L1 visa provides a legal pathway for companies to move their global talent pool to the United States efficiently.

L1 Visa: A gateway to global talent transfers

The L1 visa is vital for international business operations, allowing companies to bring in employees from abroad to the US to oversee branches, set up new offices, or transfer crucial knowledge. Before an employee can apply for an L1 visa, their employer must file a petition with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), detailing the applicant’s qualifications and the company’s relationship with its foreign counterpart.

USCIS processes the application, which, if approved, allows the employee to apply for the L1 visa at a US Embassy or Consulate in their home country. Any misstep in this process can result in delays or rejections, potentially impacting business plans.

Expert guidance from L1 visa lawyers

This is where experienced immigration lawyers come into play. They offer comprehensive assistance throughout the L1 visa application process, from preparing and submitting the initial petition to providing support during the consular interview. A good immigration lawyer can be a strategic partner, helping companies navigate the complex US immigration laws and increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

NNU Immigration specializes in all classes of US visas, including the L1 visa. Their team of expert lawyers provides personalized support to companies and employees seeking to leverage the L1 visa for intracompany transfers. 

With years of experience, it guides clients through the intricate details of the L1 visa application process, ensuring that all documents are prepared accurately and in compliance with US immigration laws.

Their services cover everything from initial consultations to legal representation in case of requests for additional information (RFEs) or notices of intent to deny (NOIDs). It also assists with post-approval compliance, visa renewals, and even transitioning to permanent residency through the EB-1C category for multinational executives and managers.

Challenges and solutions in L1 visa applications

The L1 visa process can present several challenges, such as providing specialized knowledge or the managerial role of the applicant, establishing the qualifying relationship between US and foreign entities, and dealing with documentation errors or changes in company structure during the application process.

There’s a thorough review process, meticulously documenting the specialized knowledge or executive/managerial responsibilities of the employee. They also focus on comprehensive evidence to prove the qualifying relationship between US and foreign entities, conduct rigorous checks to avoid errors, and adapt to changes in the company structure.

S proactive approach helps companies and employees navigate these complexities, ensuring a smoother L1 visa application process and reducing the risk of delays or denials.

Benefits for employers and employees

The L1 visa offers significant benefits for both employers and employees. For employers, it provides a flexible way to bring key personnel to the US, simplifies the hiring process, and enhances business operations by allowing the transfer of critical talent. It also promotes international growth and helps retain valued employees by offering them international career development opportunities.

For employees, the L1 visa offers a path to permanent residency, the ability to work in the US, and the opportunity to bring their families along. The visa’s long duration and lack of an annual cap make it an attractive option for those seeking stability and professional growth in the US

Comprehensive L1 visa services

The comprehensive L1 visa services cover every aspect of the application process. It starts with an initial consultation and strategy planning, followed by document preparation and submission, legal advice and compliance, and representation during legal proceedings. The firm’s support extends to visa interviews, post-approval assistance, and advice on visa renewals.

Their team of experienced lawyers offers ongoing communication and support, ensuring clients stay informed about their application status and any changes in immigration laws that might affect their case.

Preparing for the L1 visa application

The L1 visa application process requires meticulous documentation and preparation. Clients must be prepared for each step, from gathering documents to preparing for visa interviews. Their comprehensive checklists ensure that all required information is collected and submitted accurately.