Smart Suitcases, Robotic Luggages Are Here For Busy Expats, Travelers

Lost luggages, the inconvenience of always watching out that nobody steals them under your nose, and the hassle and stress of dragging them while you’re rushing off to the terminal gate—all these minor travel inconveniences may soon be a thing of the past. Travel specialists, luggage designers, and IoT experts converge to create “smart suitcases” that will redefine the way we fly from one location to another.

Travel is an indispensable part of a global mobility specialist’s job. It is a perk and a rite of passage wherein he assesses assignees from their country of origin, and determine if they can work for an employer based in another nation. Still, flying has its fair share of irritations, especially when bags and containers with their important documents and contents are misplaced or, worse, stolen during transit.

Three smart inventions that have recently come off the AI pipeline may just have removed those inconveniences permanently.

The BlueSmart Luggage

This is a clothes container, portable electronic device carrier, and smartphone charger all rolled into one. Thieves would have a hard time breaking through its lock because the security code is synced with your smartphone. Just in case you take a lot of steps away from it, exposing it to risk, it will give you notice through an alarm. Finally, it helps juice up your phone’s fading battery.

The Smart-Unit

The Smart-Unit does the reverse of BlueSmart. Instead of the luggage keeping an eye on you, you can always keep an eye on your luggage. Your phone can spot its location and track it at any given time. This means that upon landing, you don’t have to ask the airport personnel the current status of your bags. Just check your phone and the app will tell you where it is—and how much of a distance it has between you.

If someone breaks the lock of your luggage, its alarm system will send you a notification about the breach.

The Travelmate Robotics

That similar link to your smartphone allows you to track its location and safety status in a method similar to the SmartUnit. What makes Travelmate Robotics different is that it can move on its own and follow you around as you weave in through the crowd of the airport. Because you don’t have to push or pull it with you, you can enjoy your walk down those lanes, knowing that it is safely following you behind. It likes to call itself the first autonomous luggage.

Innovators keen on capturing the traveling global mobility specialists’ market have already made their journeys more convenient with devices like digital wallets and solar wardrobes. These smart luggages would make a perfect companion in their trips.

They would be “loyal”, robbery-proof companions that would accompany the global mobility specialist in his trips. They would fit right in in smart homes equipped with smartcast devices, virtual assistants and virtual reality headgears, like the “techified” accommodations that California Corporate Housing has already been offering guests in Northern California for sometime now.