How Concierge Works in Giving First-Class Relocation Assistance to Expats

One would think the Global Mobility Manager takes care of all relocating professionals but for the uninitiated, the so-called Relocation Concierge has turned out to be a natural fit for doing things beyond the administrative part of relocation assistance. As more people move around, the role of a concierge — once more renowned in hotels — has extended its reach or conventional meaning to include giving first-class attention to expats or relocating talents.

The relocation concierge was originally known for helping senior citizens and the elderly move out of their present homes to a new one. The work entailed picking the right apartment and moving company for their belongings. There was an emotional component to the process to ensure the seniors’ successful move.

After all, departing the community where they had lived all their lives to plant themselves in another where they might not know a single soul can be traumatic and exhausting. The seniors would want to feel that kind of welcome and assurance as they move into their new habitat. Unless they have relatives and friends who can assist them with the transition, that is a wish that would be hard to fulfill.

This was where the relocation concierge first got their start. The key word in the term is “concierge.” Think of the posh five-star hotels with a point person whose job was to treat you like royalty. He just didn’t make sure your new accommodations were clean and ready, but he would go the extra mile to find out what you would want for dinner.

This concierge would advise you on the best destinations to visit the area, and probably get a guide to show you around. And when you need transport around the city, he would make sure that the vehicle and the chauffeur (or the cab driver) who assists you is competent, efficient, and respectful.

After successfully servicing the senior community, the relocation concierge industry boomed, and have become the go-to service for professionals who are relocating or transferring their executives to various locations.

Like his hotel counterpart, the relocation concierge would exhaust every means to understand and accommodate his guest’s preferences, in order to make sure his relocation is smooth, pleasant, and perhaps even fun.

For example, as described by Paragon Location, the relocation concierge makes sure that the new accommodations of his charge are ready upon his arrival. All the furniture and appliances are set in place, and the design suits his taste. The guest’s car, issued by the company, has the proper license plate and been fuelled to capacity. If the guest has a dog, then the cabinets are stocked with the proper dog food and chew toys, and he receives an email of the directory of the nearest pet clinics around.

As the spouse of a relocated executive notes, the relocation concierge can also introduce the guest to the wider community where he now lives. These include schools where his children can study, business associations where he and his spouse can do their networking, and gym clubs where they can physically work out.

Essentially, the relocation concierge can become the global mobility manager’s right-hand person in helping him ensure that the assignee fits right into their new home. California Corporate Housing also serves a relocation concierge to some degree as it sees to it that every corner and chair in the furnished apartment is to the assignee’s liking, but it can do more if a request is reasonable.  

This dynamic can continue even as the assignee progresses in his role as the days go on. While the global mobility manager monitors his performance, the relocation concierge can take the guest and his family on tours around the state like Northern California as  a way of relaxing during the weekend.

The partnership between the global mobility manager and the relocation concierge is sustainable. The global mobility manager can be free to focus on the professional well-being of the assignee while the Relocation Concierge acts as his support in enhancing the latter’s personal life. In Silicon Valley, it’s like calling this partnership an algorithm match or at the very least, the global mobility manager has found a new BFF.