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Study: San Francisco Is Top Global City Again for Attracting Talents, Investments

San Francisco once again has made the number one spot in AT Kearney’s list of the top global cities that continuously attract talent and investments. As reported by the Business Insider, it has zoomed past other prime contenders like New York City, Paris, London, and Boston which have captured the second to fifth spots, respectively.

But what made this business consulting firm’s recent analysis more fascinating than usual is that it names the cities and regions that it believes will herald the future. Industrial competitiveness, technological innovation, environmental compliance, and a growing community of skilled talents will ensure that these cities will continue to lead their counterparts for the next 30 years.

AT Kearney specifically checked out these leading cities’ capabilities in the following and their ability to sustain them in the next few decades: the personal well-being and healthy lifestyle of its inhabitants, economic robustness, technological and scientific development, and the quality of the local governance. Primacy in the industries that will set the standard of living and employment are also measured by the patents per capita in each city, as well as the number of  influential companies growing in the area, including business incubators and established Fortune 500 companies.

Not surprisingly, San Francisco got the number one slot as as a “city of the future” because it does have a lot of these corporations within its boundaries. Tech giants, startups, and the financiers who are willing to support them are increasing in number. So are the patents that are constantly being generated by its educated and skilled workforce. The Street points out that this is the second time in a row that San Francisco has made it to AT Kearney’s coveted spot; it has always made the top 10 in its annual list of exemplary cities the past years.

As global mobility specialists like yourself are aware of, San Francisco does draw in more than its fair share of the world’s professional cream of the crop. As one of earlier blogs had noted, the employment rate is high in the city, with talents being paid more than what their colleagues are getting in other cities. That’s why it’s not just the researchers, engineers, and IT pros that it is drawing in — experts in education, marketing, sales and every other discipline want the opportunity to make their name in the city, especially if they are assigned in Silicon Valley, which happens to be THE number one tech hub on the planet.

The abundance of talent in San Francisco and its rising employment rate also makes it a sought-after city for investors looking to wield the future. Forbes’ ranking makes it number five in the list of preferred cities of these financiers, venture capitalists, and angel investors who are always looking for the next Facebook or Apple to create and launch. They are betting on the  “urban core” of the city — young, driven millennials who think out of the box and possess an entrepreneurial spirit  —  to come up with the next ingenious technology and make it viable for a hungry, interested market:

Along with AT Kearney, PricewaterhouseCoopers has constantly noted San Francisco’s non-stop growth and its progress toward creating a more livable, sustainable, city. From 2014-2015, for two straight years, it listed San Francisco in its top 10 Global Cities of Opportunity. Aside from the millennial workforce and the high quality of lifestyle, the firm also gave San Francisco top marks for its cultural vibrancy, ease of commute (within the city, at least), and relocation attraction for expatriates and/or assignees.

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