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4 Top Northern California Cities Your Hires Will Want to Live In, For Sure

To local hires or expats, northern California is mainly known for the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Both cities spark an image of the American dream and the ideal of how the hardworking, the honest, and the innovative can work for and reach one’s dreams. The temperate weather, work-life balance, and respect for diversity are other factors that appeal and attract them to work and live in these cities.

There are other places besides these famous ones, and given several choices in this part of America, your assignees might want to consider the following cities for their new homes and places for employment. Given the positive word of mouth that these suburbs, towns, and cities have been getting, they might want to bring in their spouses, significant others, kids, and other family members. Moving recommends these four:


Fremont is tucked inside the popular San Francisco Bay area. Given the enthusiasm of the locals and other foreign guests who live in it, it’s the place to be. Out of 150 towns and cities in the U.S., Wallethub named it as the number one location to experience satisfaction, serenity, and that extra spring in one’s step. It surges past the top four in the ranking, such as San Jose, Irvine, and San Francisco — all cities in California — and Sioux Falls in South Dakota. Wallethub bases its ranking on the quality of health, wellness, and emotional stability that the inhabitants in these places experience; the low unemployment rate and a reasonably high income; a strong community spirit; and a protected thriving environment. All those qualities can be found abundantly in Fremont, which explains its number one position.


Mill Valley gets high marks because of the safety and stability it promises its residents — which can get the attention of assignees who are looking for both upward mobility and security, for themselves and their families. Just a few hours’ drive from San Francisco, it has gained attention recently for its low crime rates and a strong community spirit that shows that the Mill Valley folk protect their own. Property rates and prices are also stable and affordable, again another boon to assignees who want a home where they can relax, rest, and enjoy their privacy.


Palo Alto is at the heart of Silicon Valley, and one of the advantages of living and working here is that you can see where the rest of the tech world is heading. Should he work in one of the booming start-ups and rising companies here, your assignee might even have a hand in setting the direction of the tech world. Museums, learning centers, theaters, and amusement centers keep the spirit of creativity going after office hours. Various restaurants that boast of various ethnic and exquisite cuisine can also provide the necessary chill time to the assignee after a long hard day’s work. Assignees with young kids will also be happy to know that Palo Alto’s educational system is one of the best in the U.S.


San Jose was described by the U.S. News as one of the most immigrant-friendly places in the U.S. That alone is one reason why it will draw in foreign talents like a magnet. Jobs are plentiful and the working environment is competitive and diversity-friendly, giving these talents the opportunity to shine. This is common knowledge by now, but what many may now know is that talented high school kids of assignees may also want to live here too. The middle schools in the state prepare their students for college readiness, according to high standards hard-pressed to be found in other places.

Before giving a tour of these cities, ask a little help from California Corporate Housing, as it is known for going the extra mile in giving its clients and guests all they need to know about life and work in these wonderful cities, like transport systems, school zones, public service, cost of living and the corporate housing their recruited talents need.