Where To Recruit Top Global Talent  

“Where do we find top global talent?”

This is a question that global mobility professionals should ask their talent acquisition team, and the answer will always require more than a little push.  It means pushing the envelope in creating new ways to entice a young and tech-savvy market, as well as pushing boundaries to find global spots where talent is abundant, skilled, educated, driven, and open to relocation.

Some global mobility professionals do tend to stay within their comfort zones and help their talent acquisition team to recruit from communities, regions, or countries where they usually source their assignees who generally prove their worth.  However, it is advisable to explore and search for other potential gold talent mines for several reasons.

First, the competition will likewise be on the hunt in the familiar places, increasing the chances that both talent acquisition teams everywhere  are vying for the same candidates.  Second, finding your own river of talent which is virtually unspoiled and away from everyone’s prying eyes will give you a head start above everyone else, as well as a fresh pool of talent that should help supply your workforce for a considerable period of  time.

As energy company Altran described in its own continuing journey in discovering the cream of the professional crop:  “In this day and age, there are no longer any geographical, technical, or cultural barriers limiting the career paths of engineer applicants, whether they are new graduates or experienced professionals. Today, helping companies carry out major innovation projects means finding professionals with new and rare profiles and recruiting top talent ready to take part in the unique adventure of turning their ideas into innovations.”

In a study published by Fortune Magazine in 2014, Oxford Economics pointed out several global regions that will be flush with talent from 2011-2021:


  • Middle East countries like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates:  These two nations have been at the forefront of modern  industrialization, literally building cities on artificial islands, seven-star hotels, and  other architectural  wonders.  These have attracted foreign talents, including top notch executives, from all kinds of industries around the world.  Saudi Arabia’s workforce has reached 12 million, while the UAE has almost 8 million migrant workers.