With VR and 3D, Pictures Will Not Be Enough When Checking Out Apartments

One of the frustrating things about leasing a home space is the mismatch between the images you have in your mind and the actual turnout that happens once you move the furniture in and finish painting the walls.  The setup still looks good, but it doesn’t conform 100 percent to that cherished vision in your head.  You’ve fantasized, obsessed, and yes, dreamt about every detail that would make your dream home a living reality – but something still falls short.

It could be an out-of-place sofa or the colors don’t blend well in one particular wall.  But the die has been cast and the budget has been made.  And short of an expensive makeover, you are quite stuck with what you have and will be forced to live with it, one way or another.

That was then. Fortunately, today, virtual reality (VR)  can let you see – and not just visualize – how your home will look even before you move in the very first chair.  You can even see how the decor will match up with the design, or whether your set pieces and other furniture accessories will complement or clash with each other.  Augmented reality and VR apps will spare you the expense and the headache of redoing the mistakes that can happen by preventing them from happening in the first place.  More important, you can finalize the look of your apartment  to your heart’s desire before putting money down.

Firestorm is a pioneer in the virtual home-design app business and is a best place to start.  Built by the founders of the phenomenally successful virtual gaming world Second Life, Firestorm lets you conceptualize, create, and literally build any architectural wonder you’d like to put your mind.  Everything is fair game — from a condo high-rise, a posh mansion, to a quiet bungalow by the ocean.  Stretch your imagination further and you might be tempted to give virtual life to one city block.

Or if you already have a bare condominium unit or a house that simply needs decorating, you can play mix-and-match with furniture, artwork, rugs, carpets, and color combinations through apps like Houzz’s augmented reality app, “View in my Room,”.  You yourself can set the mood of your home as you design its interiors and decide which corners and set pieces you want to highlight. You can also come to decisions on very practical matters, like being certain as to whether this particular armchair will fit under that huge glass pane window, or if  that pricey urn you have set your arm on buying can actually complement, and not overshadow, the side table you plan to put it on.

Or if you have already leased fully furnished housing units but want to experience seeing and touching them without physically visiting them, VR is the best way to do it. Matterport, for instance, offers fully immerse virtual spaces, it’s like you’re actually in those units.

VR for home design is becoming a smart investment for prospective tenants and homeowners who want to be guided into making the right and smart choice when it comes to their living spaces. Eventually, pictures will not be enough, not when you can have more fun and exhilaration checking out apartments this way.