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Smart Devices for Every Room in Your Corporate Apartment

Have a smart home device in every room like a coffee maker that automatically brews your favorite drink and then greets you a cheery good morning as you power yourself up for work. Or how about a smart refrigerator that automatically notifies you via text that you’ve run out of milk and butter, and that it’s time to take a trip to the grocery store? Those devices are just the ones for the kitchen area. Imagine how you could have every room in your corporate equipped with a smart device.

Many smart devices are leaping out of the realms of science-fiction and becoming part of our everyday life. Appliances and devices hooked to the net and guided by artificial intelligence will certainly become part of our lifestyle — in the same way that our smartphone and credit cards have become almost indispensably attached to us. Virtual assistants and chat bots are just the tip of the iceberg. Millennials who thrive on technology will find smart devices, especially robots, an attractive incentive; and so will foreign assignees who see them not just as efficient “companions” but as happy rewards of an upwardly mobile career that they had worked tirelessly for.

Forbes estimates that in three years’ time, about 26 billion net-connected “smart” devices will be plugged into our bedrooms, kitchens, garages, and porches. While that may still seem quite a long way off, global mobility specialists can take time to find out what’s in the market, familiarize themselves with its use, have a blast doing it—and communicate that enthusiasm to the next assignee who might see it as another motivation to make the transition to a different working environment.

Try the following as part of your homework:

BeOn Smart Bulbs

BeOn Smart Bulbs see to it that your home is never without a source of light, especially when you most need it. They activate and glow in cases of power failure. Ringing on your doorbell can also activate them, making it easy for you to enter your home, instead of fumbling around for the light switch.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link has an app that lets you determine the temperature in every room in your home. You might want to cool your bedroom down before you tuck in, or heat up the living room during one chilly morning. It also lets you monitor the temperature in the different rooms in your house. If you’re not happy with what you see, the app will let you adjust the room’s ambient state before you enter.

Xaomi Mi

Already quite common but still good to have, the Xaomi Mi vacuum cleaner is a robot floor sweeper and dust remover all in one. It literally sucks the dirt out of the room you send it to cover. It has sensors that guide its movement around your home, mapping where to start its clean-up duties and which part of the area it should end. One cool thing about the Xaomi Mi vacuum cleaner is that you can set it on automatic. Let the robot make your place spic and span while you toil at the office. There’s nothing like a clean, dirt-free house to come to after a hard day’s work.

But if these are all too impersonal, how about having someone you can really talk to like Sophia, the way Jimmy Fallon talked to her in Tonight Show. The bot, modeled after Audrey Hepburn and creator David Hanson’s wife, is able to talk and see like a normal person. She has 62 different facial and neck mechanisms that allow her to move like a human being. Well, almost.   

Some find Sophia a really good robot to have, although others find her creepy, especially when she says she wants to dominate the human race. If you’re not ready for her, California Corporate Housing has some useful smart devices such as Amazon Echo, Virtual Reality, and Smart Comcast.

Next thing you know, you’ll be flying off to work in some smart car– a “flying car” that Google unveiled this week.