The 3 Main Expectations of a Global Talent


How do you attract the best and the brightest, especially if your global talents are not just contented with a hefty paycheck, but genuinely want to make a difference?

The key to recruiting them is understanding their mindset and value system, which are a far cry from that of their Gen-X parents who value stability and a livable, long-lasting retirement package. Global talents see their work lives as an extension of themselves.  They want to know that their ideas are being honored, considered, and in due time, will be implemented.  While younger talents them stay within a company for an average of three years, those who opt for a long-term stay want to be assured that their employer – that means, you – are making a significant contribution to society.  Finally, they are at home in a wired world, and they feel that nothing less than the latest apps, software solutions, and smart systems can bring out their best productive habits.

The next step is creating an environment that can meet those psychic needs.  In its campaign to lure in dynamic engineers from all over the world, energy power Altran used as its basis in a university study itemizing what global talents are looking for in a company before considering uprooting themselves from home and hearth  Global talents are looking for a working environment where they can be creative, have access to a lot of learning, and be constantly challenged.

To attract them to stay with you for a significant period of time, global mobility professionals like yourself must do the following:

Encourage transparency, the sharing of ideas, and a more flexible process that can allow experimentation and innovation. Create platforms like informal creative sessions where talents can put forward their suggestions without being shot down in the first minute.  Management must make the visible effort to study their suggestions and implement them, if possible. Cutting unnecessary red tape can also be an incentive.

Global talents want to act “now” – and with sensible guidance, that sense of urgency must be honored and respected.  In a business sphere where a five-second website download time turns customers off, businesses do have to be quick to adapt to the signs of the times, and your global talent, if younger, has the energy and momentum to move your company forward.

Develop areas of learning.Global talent weaned on the digital age are information devourers who cannot get enough of the wired world.  They are always open to ideas and the next big thing that they believe can help the evolve into better persons and empower them to achieve their life goals.  They will stay with you if you offer to develop their skills and knowledge in a way that they cannot do on their own.  Free online courses can be a powerful inducement.  Enrollment in certificate workshops can be another.  But nothing still beats close human interaction like a mentoring program where the more seasoned and battle-hardened commanders of your company can share insights, proven techniques, and gems of wisdom that no computer can.

Challenge them to do their best.  Remember that one reason why global talents signed on with you is because they want to expand their horizons.  And all that learning that you have given them access to must be put to good use.  Give your talents tasks that will stretch their limits while increasing their sense of responsibility and accountability.  Trust them with assignments that can make a positive impact on the company while underscoring the reality that accomplishment cannot be possible without a solid work ethic and integrity.  Raise the bar – and then watch them leap even higher.