Moving to Northern California? Here are 3 Trends You Should Know

Northern California is one of the busiest states in the U.S. where both Americans and expatriates want to work and live. As  the cradle of innovation and the home of tech giants like Facebook and Google, startups and leading companies alike are drawing in talents who want to make a mark on the world. San Francisco is known for its cultural diversity, San Mateo is a haven for health buffs, and Redwood is a bustling dynamic city for people open to new adventures.

Housing and the right accommodations are critical to making your stay happier and more fulfilling. If you are thinking of resettling in Northern California or are in the process of relocating assignees in the area, there are three housing trends that you must be aware of, to effect a smoother, more efficient transition:

1. Cities like Vallejo are opening up as options.

Relocators are looking at other cities with the Bay Area becoming more crowded. Housing rates are much lower than those found in bigger cities, with some going as low as 50 percent. To support the boom, the local government is beefing up infrastructure like ferry transport and spaces for new restaurants and shops.

2. Accommodations are becoming more flexible.

Renting doesn’t mean you’re being  consigned to the furniture in our units. You can purchase furniture and set pieces, without spending a lot. This will come as good news to global mobility specialists like yourself as well as to the bosses who approve your budget. Design experts can guide you how to brighten up a room. Elegant slip-overs can make old furniture look classy. Garage sales and secondhand stores can provide inspired set pieces. The right color of paint can heighten a feature like a fireplace or a bay window and blend it with the rest of the walls.

3. The evolution in mass transport is making commuting easier.

The success of ride-sharing and other innovative ways of traveling have made public officials and urban planners assess the structure and flow of movement in the city. The building of parking spaces may no longer be a priority. How does this affect your search for housing options in Northern California?  Traffic and vehicle affect comfort and performance. You might want to move your assignee to accommodations  within walking distance of his office. You might also want to encourage him to adapt the healthy lifestyle common to many Northern Californians.