perks for recruited talent

Delightful Perks That Sweeten the Deal for Your Recruited Talents

You’re just about to sign this foreign talent that you’ve courted for months. He’s interested in working for your organization, and he likes the salary you dangled. He’s taken a good look at the photos of the accommodations where he will be residing, and he’s more than happy with it. You have answered all his questions about taxes and insurance. But you know that he wants something more. He knows it and you know it.

One undeniable attraction of foreign travel or assignment are the perks — and there are many variations of them, regardless of whether the talent is an American trainer who will be working in Asia, or an Indian IT expert who will be relocating to northern California.

It’s the perks that sweeten the deal. And sometimes they can be the deal-decider. If the compensation package and all the other offerings are the staple meals on the menu, the perks may be that combination of rare wine and mouth-watering dessert that will make him finally sit down and order. It’s that something extra, and magical, that might compel your assignee to choose you over the other recruiter — assuming the salary rate and the more obvious work-related benefits, e.g. vacation leaves and health insurance, are equal.

There was  a time that travel perks were the crown jewel, such as a paid vacation to an island resort outside of the city. But while traveling itself has increased among assignees, this is considered par for the course. Their new office and furnished apartment units  must be proximate to tourist destinations, cultural hubs, swanky restos and bars, and pristine beaches. As the global mobility specialist, that kind of arrangement must already be in your checklist.

While paternity and maternity leaves are sought after by employees from their companies in almost every country in the world, they are not included in this article because not all assignees bring their own families to their new place of employment. And even among these families, the chances of having a pregnant spouse among them are not that high.

So what are those delightful if little-known perks that can nudge your latest recruit into signing the dotted line?

Free or subsidized classes that are designed to fulfill the assignee personally, and not just professionally. Yoga and dance classes to boost health, self-development courses, and English-language tutorials come under this category.

Free meals in the company cafeteria are perks usually found in Silicon Valley companies. Some of them offer a variety of cuisine, from homegrown American to exotic Asian. There are days that your assignee would appreciate dining on meals that remind him of home. Give him that option — or treat.

Smart gadgets like Amazon Echo, Smart TVs and the latest Kindle (which usually comes with a free monthly subscription) are another come-on.

Free tickets or passes to one of the city’s most popular destinations in the San Francisco Bay Area, major sporting events, and crowd-drawing concerts.

Customized corporate housing for assignees looking to add their personality in their living space, as California Corporate Housing has been doing for Silicon Valley talents.

Insurance coverage for pets. This is particularly compelling for single assignees who cheer up once their favorite cat or dog greets them at the door. That pet is a best friend, a morale booster, and a constant companion all rolled into one. The very thought of its getting sick is enough to make your assignee anxious — and an insurance policy for that pet will do wonders for his stress levels.