Tech Hub Leader San Jose is Where Job Recruitment is More Intense

Every IT assignee you interviewee wants to work in a tech hub, preferably Silicon Valley. On the other hand, that aspiration goes for even non-IT assignees. Neither is it surprising. Regardless of the new hurdles on immigration that the new administration has come up with, the Valley still beckons as the leader of technological progress, the bringer of a better life for society, and a great place of employment where the smart and the hardworking succeed, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, or country of origin.

Now the next great news you can give to your potential assignees lining up for a plum position in companies in this region is the so-called “Capital” of Silicon Valley that they can and should consider. It offers all the opportunities, perks, and possibilities for career advancement that can be found in the surrounding areas. That this emerging tech hub is also located in San Francisco Bay Area, where diversity is respected and inclusivity is encouraged, is another factor that can swing them to sign up.

This undeniable great tech hub is San Jose, California. It is the tenth largest city in the United States and home to Adobe, Apple, Cisco and other international tech brands (see comprehensive list).

San Jose, California is hiring, of that there is no doubt. In one study cited by The Hiring Lab, 56 percent of the tech jobs it posted pays higher than the norm. Another 16 percent of those same job posts are actually concrete steps that can lead to professional growth and advancement. Forbes adds that the hiring has been continuous and demand for capable workers high, that it prompted tech companies to look for talent living outside the city. And that’s where your ambitious, hardworking assignee comes in. He does have a chance of getting into and working in this city. It can be a dream come true, as San Jose is basically immigrant-friendly and a meritocracy.

City Lab names it as the number one undisputed tech leader in the country, if not the world. It also lists down the jobs and skills that are often in-demand and which employers cannot seem to get enough of. These are basically knowledge workers, or specialists who have an immersive grasp of the concepts and practical applications of disciplines like “computer and math; architecture and engineering; life, physical, and social sciences; health and education.”

As to the industries that employ many of these knowledge workers, not surprisingly a huge portion of them is focused on computing, software, and data processing. Telecom, pharmacy, and medical devices are next on the list.

Despite its successes, though, San Jose is far from just resting on its laurels. As mentioned in Venture Beat, competition in the tech world remains intense and even merciless, and so does the recruitment for top talent. The site did note that other tech hubs outside California are positioning themselves for future leadership, and they are sending their best talent recruiters — your competitors — to get the cream of crop of assignees, domestic of foreign. San Jose felt the pinch and saw its share of software-related jobs in the U.S. fell from 15 percent to eight percent next year.

Again, this can be an opportunity for global mobility specialists like yourself. Companies that feel the pressure will want no less than the best, most creative, and most driven talent who they can add to your team. This can be an opportune time for their department managers to get to know your assignees.

The tech world has never stopped rising because of the movers and shakers in its midst. That includes the tech leaders like Elon Musk who are always laying the groundwork for the next game-changing innovation. They know that competition is the name of the game. Make sure your assignees are aware of this fact. Tell them to keep their eye on the prize. Encourage them to always be at their A-game. And regardless of the ebbs and flows of the industry, they soon might find themselves working in a long-term job in San Jose.