Sleeping Your Way to Health Does Wonders For Your Global Clock

Global mobility professionals have one unique gift that sets them apart from other professionals: they can move within the time zones.  In dealing with assignees and other partners based in other regions of the globe, they have developed a knack for knowing the current time in a specific location. They instinctively know when to call someone, or when to wait for the next day.  Most impressive of all, regardless of the time zone they’re in, they can be on their feet, sharp and ready to tackle the challenges head-on.  It doesn’t matter if the boss or a client calls for a Skype conference in the middle of the night — they’d be on the ball and still delivering a high-quality performance.

And it is precisely this time-shifting quality that global mobility professionals need to develop good sleep habits. Six to eight hours of quality uninterrupted sleep are considered a luxury these days.  Not enough of us get it, prompting one government health agency to call modern sleeplessness “a public health epidemic.”

In case you’re already used to pushing the midnight oil, stop – before you burn out your candle at both ends. Pause, take a deep breath, and remind yourself why sleep is important to your health.  Just in case you don’t know yet, read below:

1.Restful quality sleep allows you to be more focused on the job and be more productive the whole day.  You’ll be spared the migraines, the listlessness, and the sluggishness.  You’ll also be less prone to those huge mistakes that can get your boss riled up.

2. Your skin and body will enjoy greater health.  Your immune system will remain strong and your epidermis will fight off the onslaught of aging, wrinkles, and inflammation.

3.  Your creativity will be enhanced and your memory will be sharp.  All that will come in handy during those pressure-packed moments when you have to come up with a breakthrough solution, or during those crowded cocktails where all the socializing compels you to remember the name of every VIP present.

4. You avoid developing medical conditions like cardiovascular illnesses, obesity, insomnia, and depression.

5. Your tank is always full, keeping you optimistic about life and whose enthusiasm inspires the people around you.

Work will always be important, but your health and your well-being come first.  Discipline yourself into taking a break and getting those good hours of uninterrupted sleep.  A private condo, away from the intrusion of others and the noise of the neighborhood, is a good way to start.  Your sleep levels can also be enhanced if it has state-of-the-art facilities like smart alarm clocks and programmed lighting that can remove all the extraneous sounds around you and simulate darkness to allow your mind to rest.  

Sleep your way to health.  It will do wonders for your global clock.